Protect your brand with AI-powered field auditing.  Just snap a photo of any marketing material, print or digital, and our neural network will give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  It's that easy.  Click-Boom. 

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Spot a competitor's campaign? Pricing? Promotion?  Great!  Now just snap, tag, and upload a photo, and instantly get the information to the right place at the right time for the right action.  Shot-Score.

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How do real people really feel about the things that matter most to your business?  Now you can safely get rich and real video VoC input at the touch of a button with built-in GDPR-compliance.  Win-Win.

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Spot a trend? an interesting pattern? an intriguing insight? Just snap, tag and upload, and our intelligent Collector will organize the insights for timely and efficient access at the right place and time.  Simply Smarter.

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Engaging your consumer requires marketing assets.  Relevant and authentic engagement requires a boat load more.  Ouch.  Our dynamic Asset Builder will save huge amounts of time and treasure.  $Ding $Ding.

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If we only new what we already know, or could find what we've already built....  Our AI-powered Asset Tagger will automatically tag your assets for quick, easy, and efficient reuse.  Finders Keepers.

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Media Generator

Create and visualize global inventories of place-based multi-media touchpoints (retail locations, D/OOH venues, events and more) with point-and-click simplicity.  Our AI-Powered Media Generator will automatically build your media universe, giving you worldwide visibility and control at the touch of a button.

Media Conductor

Design, build and deploy marketing assets across your media universe with breathtaking speed and efficiency.  Harness analytics and insights to drive near real-time executions in print and digital POS media.  Our AI-Powered Media Conductor will "Webify" your real-world, giving you unprecedented value and advantage.

Media Marketplace

This one's too out of this spherical world to share on a website!  Get a hold of us for a private conservation about what's over the horizon.  Hint:  The earth is not flat, but the media world is definitely flattening!  The Media Marketplace is the future, and we'd love to have you onboard for the journey.


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